Best time to start the piano?
Parents put their children on the path to music for teaching music. Music education involves discipline, hand-eye coordination, intelligence, and curriculum creation. And it brings joy to all who listen.It’s better to know when to learn piano. Read more

Principles of keeping piano
The best way to rub the dust and fingerprints of the piano with a soft, clean, and stained cloth in a circular motion. Some manufacturers, vendors and technicians are used. Use the same kind of soft and clean cloth to clean the keys. Read more

Difference between Acoustic and digital piano
Modern pianos have been in existence for more than 300 years. Bartolomé Kristitofuri invented the first Italian piano to use a hammer to create strings of strings. Piano Acoustic has more than 10,000 pieces. It has two main styles: Piano Acoustic Piano : Royal Piano and Wall Piano. Read more

History of violin
Various types of 16th-century European disciplines have led to some of the special aspects of the history of the violin family being discussed. One of the things we can hear about it is that in the sixteenth century, there is a wide range of different gadgets that modern Violin and the family are a tool similar to the violin that was popular in the Renaissance. Read more

Classic Guitar History
The first instrument in the field of guitar and its structure is generally known in the Spanish music culture. Choosing a guitar depends on your execute style.There are several types of guitars: classical guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass guitar. Read more

Digital piano
Digital pianos are known as electric pianos, moving faster than ever. Electric and digital pianos are important for easy maintenance, useful features and reliability. Read more

Difference Between Violin and Violin
Viola and Violin are in the same way. Structure, color and both have arcs.There are many differences between Violin and Violin.The main difference is that the viola is a bit bigger.Read more

Guitar History Raimundo
Raimundo ‘s guitars, including classical guitar, acoustic and flamenco, have been made in Spain since 1964. All of Raimundo ‘s guitars were founded in 1968. Read more

Piano History
The piano was invented in Italy in 1700, Christophori was tested over the years with the design of the instrument, and the piano was first popular in the United States. The industrial revolution has produced a large number of pianos. Read more

Digital Piano Guide
Two piano acoustic pianos and digital pianos are available for purchase on the piano. The digital piano is lighter and more compact and has a much lower weight than acoustic pianos and is easily portable. Read more

Differences between acoustic guitars and classical guitars
When a guitarist is looking for the first tool to choose between the acoustic guitar and classical guitar, both instruments are somewhat identical. Classic guitars are used in nylon threads. Acoustic guitars are used in steel strings. Read more

Electric Guitar History
The electric guitar has been developed in the early twentieth century and is one of the most popular musical instruments. Today’s solid electric guitar from acoustic guitar is a device introduced in the United States as a Spanish guitar. Although the designs of modern electric guitars are often different from their acoustic guitars. Read more

Violin Buy Guide
If you are looking for advice on how to buy a violin or how to choose a suitable violin, research on the type of violin that suits your skill level, musical style, and size. Check the violin to make sure the villa is built with the right construction quality. Read more

The best brand of the lock
Clipboard A solid material is produced from resin from sap made on a violin arc wire. wooden violin consisting of horses. The clip on the bowl depends on the time of the weather. Read more

Principles of Guitar Maintenance
The guitar maintenance is often overlooked because most guitarists spend most of their time practicing guitar repair and maintenance. However, there are advantages to keeping your tool in the final shape. Read more

Violin Contrabass
The contraso is the largest bowling arrangement, played in Western classical music. Contrabass is not only classic but also used in jazz, blues and rock. Read more